Better sleep is better life

Better sleep is better life
Many people suffer regularly from poor sleep.

As a result their performance and quality of life is way below their potential.

Good sleep is essential for wellbeing.

If you can imagine that an improvement of your sleep has good value for you, than keep following up this series of 6 Posts about improve sleep.

You will find ways to induce deep sleep, need sleep less, wake up fresh, have less interruption and a great understanding and mastering of your dreams (lucid dreams and clear dreams).

Lets start with something simple and we will then worm up. I promise can be made to a great journey of exploring your mind – imagine you can direct your dreams – unlimited.

One of the easiest things is to check and change id necessary is the direction of your bed.

Already some thousand years back, Indian Authors know of a strong influence of direction on sleep.

If you have your head is directed to the North, your sleep can be very disturbed.

It may be a bit difficult to find out the why. I prefer to encourage to know why instead following someone's statements, then you can try and figure out if it suits your well being or not.

The Reason for poor sleep while pointing your head to the north is the magnetic pole of the Earths magnetosphere.

To simplify – it is not far from the North Pole.

On the big scale, nature forces at work are massive. They appear to be strong enough to move even landmass as big as continents.

On the smaller scale it is the movement of the iron in your blood that may lead to a problem.

Do you remember the play of Iron particles at the school lab? The magnetic force attracts iron and swirls it around! The iron is an essential components of your blood, and the effect is stronger when you are horizontal. Your brain, brainwaves and especially the very fine blood vessels are influenced.

The Magnetosphere is the "aura" of our planet.

A magnetosphere has many parts, such as the bow shock, magneto sheath, magneto tail, plasma sheet, lobes, plasma sphere, radiation belts and many electric currents.

All of this is composed of charged particles, and have impact on mind.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere it is the opposite your head is better facing to the North.

So – is worth a check. If you change position then try for 4 weeks, and have quick check every day.

Also check the direction when you travel or any time you sleep in any other bed.

Your I-phone has a compass. Or simply enjoy a sunset, it also show you where the West is.

Over the years I had many people who had a much better sleep only after changing the direction of their bed.

AFP 28.09.2014

The latest development in science:

The Paris based scientist Donald Ingber claims they found a way to use magnets to extract bacteria, fungi, and toxins from blood.

Magnetic nanobeads coated with genetically engineered human blood proteins (MBI) are binding with pathogens and toxins and are pulled out by magnets.

My comment:

No surprise this is coming now. And congratulations, great work.

Even after all there years I am puzzled how the Rishis in India could figure those things out, some 2-5.000 years back.

written by Ramananda
Yogi/Psychologist/Philosopher PHD – entrepreneur Specialist for Stress & Depression - leading the Doctor's Circle

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