Frequently Asked Questions

HELP TO MASTER STRESS and develop a healthy and wealthy Life.


-HELPING AS MANY STRESSED PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE and making the "Ramana Method ©" accessible at schools, universities, corporations and governments.

What is the RAMANA METHOD?

The RAMANA METHOD is based on the principles of traditional Yoga & modern Psychology.

The Method comprises some of the best, simple & effective exercises.

Yoga means: UNION. Here: The UNION of BODY - MIND & SPIRIT.

Traditional Yoga evolved over thousands of years. It stood the test of time.

Yoga suggests practicing a large group of physical, mental & spiritual exercises.

These exercises keep the body healthy, still the mind & expand consciousness.

Yoga is not a religion. (Read for example: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, The Puranas, The Upanishads, Vedanta literature & Upanishads u.a.)

What are the 108 Tools?

A selection of 108 tools is introduced in depth to the members. There are guidelines what to select for personal use and how to best practice.

There is for example a simple excercise, which helps children & young people to better connect brains with new neuron pathways. Testgroups in school classed confirm that intelligence goes "through the roof".

The RAMANA METHOD has not been published.

The core knowledge & wisdom (meditation and breathing excercises, called pranayama) were given only directly from master to selected students.

According to the tradition, the name Ramananda was given as a spiritual name by a realized master after practicing over 50 years.

Swami S. R.W. Ramananda is Dr. of Philosophy & fully educated Psychologist.

Why are you giving away company shares?

Early Members will get rewarded with shares of the company.

For Members supporting the society of all members – so we support you with what most people want – more income.

In order to have a good life, it is essential to buy good food, invest in education,

Learn how to invest.

This can be a stepping-stone for you, if you have not started yet.

Most new platforms receive finance to start operation from Venture Capital firms or private investors against share.

investors tend to sell shares as soon as possible for a profit.

We understand this platform board and support to grow the network.

We are financed by some of our advisors and generous and $$$ from a Philanthropist. donation of time, energy

Instead of using investors money for a large marketing campaign – and giving shares.

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