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From stressful to joyful - your tools are here.
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The key to get healthy and wealthy.
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Special section for ADHD and Autism Kids and Parents
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Stress, Anxiety Depression - FREE MEMBER SOLUTIONS INSIDE
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Make Money while you sleep

From here 
you will learn how to...

Master your stress.
Increase your income.
Live your dream.
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To "BE DO HAVE" is a very effective tool to find your clear WAY OF LIFE.

Imagine! - you knew exactly what to focus on, why and how to get there.

"If you don't know where to go with your life – that's we you get – nowhere special." - Ramananda

The RAMANA METHOD uses a similar tool to determine your personal set of VALUES.

Together with TO BE DO HAVE you build a strong foundation.

You can Start Here, Now:

Helping young people like you...
When I ask a larger group of people:

"Do you wish to have an I extraordinary life?" ALL hands go up.

"Do you have Stress?" Same.
"Would like to be and stay healthy"?" Same.
"Do you know how to do all of the before?" NO hands go up.

For most of you the Standard Schooling/Medical System don't give answers.

Don't blame your parents – if they went through the same system.

You live in world, where most don't know, have stress themselves, different interest, no time or it's simply not agenda.

Your PROBLEM No. 1

Caught in everyday, STRESS and adding up, (especially with ADHD or AUTISM).

STRESS is the KILLER NUMBER ONE, because all disease and drama start with ongoing STRESS. Money is STRESS the factor for many.

We are dedicated to help young people, their Families and Friends to:

-Better understand the human mind

-Introduce tools (safe & effective & safe) to manage STRESS better

-Share the Wealth of this Platform with the Members - to make money.


Use the best of Yoga & modern Psychology to still the mind.

Have the top professionals on board, who know about health & wealth.

We give away shares of the company and the income to the Members.

Get your Membership details here.

Here's what our beta testers say...
"Stress Free.VIP is 5 Stars for me.I feel much better. More than half of my Headaches, Asthma (I had for many years), Cramps after a short time. And I have a nice extra income without hard work."

-Luh Putu,
Directorial Assistant and Teacher
(Bali, Indonesia)
"I am properly guided and mentored for finding clarity and purpose in life. I also got my first BankCoin and made a few $$$ with minimal effort! This is life-changing. Get on board early!"

- Queeny,
Digital Marketer and Web Designer (Manila,Philippines)
"Unbelievable, I had big stress, drama and poor sleep for years. Immediate changes happened after a first private tuition in January 2020. After only one Meditation I felt better than in so many years before. WOW and thank you so much.Can't wait to be VVIP Member when the website is ready after testing."

- Theo, Father and Business Owner (Dubai, UAE)
"Simply by going through the right questions, I found the cause of my serious illness. Only short after I improved a lot. Find the CAUSE = Find the CURE that works for me. Please make this method available for many! – Digitize and use AI. I like to be on board with this project."

- Naeem,
Investor, CEO, Ex. Cabinet Minister (Karachi, Pakistan)
"I found clarity and guidance. Imagine 2 young kids, add a career with many responsibilities. STRESSFREE.VIP is the greatest help in an otherwise seemingly unsolvable dilemma. I overcame so many fears with raising kids."

- Fou Fou, Mother of 2
(Dubai, UAE)
"I found love and clarity. I never thought a nearly perfect life is possible."

- Yani, Art Curator
(Hong Kong)
"You will benefit from the enormous wisdom as I did. I have been connected via Yoga for some years now and am craving for more. Do yourself a favor – get on board here. I will accelerate your life."

- Nue, Engineer
(Zurich, Switzerland)
"I sleep better. I feel better. My autistic son loves the Well Beam and I believe it helps to clearly improve his condition."

- Darryl, Compliance Specialist (Sunshine Coast, Australia)
"So much chaos in this world. Glad to find a calm spot with STRESSFREE.VIP And better – I can create income and help my family and friends."

- Sofia, Student
(Nairobi, Kenya)

"After many years driving to the office in heavy traffic – One day I had no STRESS. What was different? I did a 15 minute Ramana Meditation - for the first time, the night before. Incredible. I can you can."

-Mark, Business Owner,
(Dubai, UAE)

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